5 Things to Look for When Researching Methadone Clinics in Texas

5 Things to Look for When Researching Methadone Clinics in Texas

A methadone clinic is a medical facility licensed in the dispersal of drugs that help curb opioid addiction, mainly methadone. Methadone is an opioid in itself and can act for long times, giving patients time to get over withdrawal symptoms from extremely harmful opioids such as heroin.

Methadone is not an over-the-counter medication and can only be prescribed by a physician who takes into account the patient’s history with addiction and the needed dosage. Facilities dedicated to methadone have emerged due to the United States’ ever-growing opioid epidemic. Most of the drug-overdose deaths in the country include the usage of opioids which makes it an extremely urgent issue to combat.

Methadone clinics are a major part of the efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, and the efficacy of the treatment also means that it is the most popular treatment for opioid addictions. Methadone clinics are both private and public-funded. However, funding issues mean that private clinics have far better facilities for their patients. If you live in Texas and are looking for a methadone clinic either for yourself or a loved one, there are multiple things to consider. Seeking treatment in itself is a highly commendable step, and it needs to be made better by choosing a clinic that keeps the patient clean for good. Here are the five things to look out for when researching methadone clinics in Texas:

5 Things That Should Be On Your List for Your Methadone Clinic in Texas

If you are on the lookout for a methadone clinic, please know that recognizing the issue is the primary factor on the road to recovery. Addiction is a disease, and it is often stigmatized to the extent that people are ashamed to ask for help. You should not only ask for help but also choose the clinic with everything you need to never return after your treatment. Here are 5 things you should look for when researching methadone clinics in Texas:

1) Location

Location is one of the most important things when choosing a methadone clinic. A location close enough to you would help you maintain your visits to the clinic and will also help the clinic staff follow up should you have a break in your treatment regimen. If you are located in Texas, your choice should be MAT Texas due to the sheer number of locations they have in the state.

2) The Clinic Should Have Accreditation

It is always essential to check up on a clinic’s credentials and license status before choosing it for your treatment. Methadone clinics can only distribute FDA-approved drugs and have to have certified physicians prescribing the drugs. MAT Texas has obtained full accreditation from the joint commission; therefore, choosing it is almost a no-brainer.

3) The Clinic Should Accept Medical Insurance

The cost is always a factor when looking for treatment of any kind. Methadone is a relatively cheaper form of addiction treatment, but since it takes time, the cost could be significant for plenty of people. Ensure that the clinic of your choice accepts the medical insurance that you are covered by. This is an important factor as it can decide whether you can avail of the clinic’s facilities or not.

4) The Clinic Should Provide Mental Health Treatment As Well

Addiction treatment should be holistic. While pharmaceutical intervention through methadone is important through the intake of methadone, addiction is primarily a mental issue. Most methadone clinics also provide counselling services for their patients to identify the root causes of their addiction and eliminate it entirely. Counselling also helps patients determine their course of action once they get clean and how to remain clean and not return to using opioids.

5) The Clinic Should Offer Personalized Programs

This is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when looking for a methadone clinic. Addiction is not cut and dry, and everyone has a different set of circumstances affecting their condition. An excellent methadone clinic provides treatments designed according to the client’s needs. Customized treatments would include taking a detailed history of the client and then deciding whether to make it counselling-centric or focus entirely on the pharmaceutical aspect.

Where to Find The Best Methadone Clinic in Texas

Now that we have established the factors to consider when looking for a methadone clinic, it is time to recommend a clinic that is deeply concerned about its patient’s well-being and has the sensitivity to deal with cases of addiction. MAT Texas has all the factors needed for an ideal methadone clinic and locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Mat Texas understands that the medication is one part of the treatment; thus, it calls it a medication-assisted treatment. They also provide excellent counselling services for their clients to benefit from. The clinic’s licensed therapists, nurses and physicians are all highly trained and do not take the usual judgmental approach people take toward addiction.

Final Thoughts

Addiction is a disease. However, the added social pressure that comes with contracting it makes it even more difficult to seek treatment. If you have taken the incredibly brave step of looking for treatment, it is imperative that you get the very best treatment, which completely rids you of your problem. The best methadone clinics provide you with the needed drugs and encourage you to pursue a clean lifestyle for a brighter future.