Euless is a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. It is also a city in Tarrant County, Texas.

It is part of the Mid Cities region between Dallas and Fort Worth and is located at the intersection of State highways 10 and 183, at the southwest side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

It is an excellent place to reside in Texas, especially if your work is either in Dallas or Fort Worth. Euless offers its residents a suburban but chic vibe, although most of the people who live here rent their homes.

Euless has lots of restaurants, coffee shops, parks and places of relaxation. It’s excellent to raise children here because the public schools are highly rated.

One interesting trivia about Euless is that outside of Tonga, it has one of the largest concentration of Tongans. About 3000 to 4000 of them.

It is a city of diverse cultures, but Euless have had fatal drug overdoses, frequent hospital visits for substance abuse and other substance abuse problems over the past few years. And there are actually treatment facilities in Tarrant County, where the victims could have sought help.

The hospital visits include use and misuse of cocaine, amphetamine, heroin and other opiates.

MAT Texas provides medication assisted treatment for people who struggle with opiate addiction. We aim to treat the patient wholistically with the use of medications approved by the FDA. These includes Suboxone® and methadone. We combine these with counseling and behavioral therapy.

MAT Texas aims to minimize episodes of withdrawal and cravings and in the process, allow the patient to self sufficiently work on positive behavior changes.

The prescribed medications will balance their brain chemistry, make them stay away from physiological cravings, and inhibit the euphoric effects of opioids. This will have the effect of restoring to a healthier level their body functions.

In Euless, Texas, if somebody needs help from opiate addiction, we can give that person with our comprehensive recovery solutions. Call MAT Texas now.

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