Belbuca is a prescribed medicine being used to treat symptoms of chronic and extreme pain. It is very effective in managing pain bad enough to qualify for daily 24/7, long term opioid treatment.
Belbuca is used alone or with other medications. But always be compliant with the instructions in the prescription. It belongs to a class of drugs called Analgesics which are Opioid Partial Agonists. They are drugs which bind and trigger partial responses. Meaning less than the optimal efficacy of a Full Agonist. Belbuca is not advised for children.
Belbuca is unique compared to other opioids. MAT Texas wants you to be oriented with what to expect for a successful start to taking Belbuca, if prescribed to you.
Our healthcare professionals at MAT Texas will carefully consider to be sure that Belbuca is really the right treatment for your chronic pain. If prescribed to you, they will ask you your:
Medical history and present condition
Psychological factors
Personal habits
Your assessed risk for opioid addiction, abuse and misuse. You will be evaluated in every stage of your treatment. MAT Texas might change your treatment along the way, based on your needs.
It is important to be informed that your initial dose of Belbuca, just like other opoioids, may not be the final optimal dose that makes you efficiently manage your chronic pain. Belbuca has actually 7 dose options which our certified physicians at MAT Texas will choose from, for you: 75, 150, 300, 450, 600, 750 and 900 (all in mcg).
But in clinical trials, 84 percent of patients discovered that their optimal dose is in the range between 450 mcg and 900 mcg twice daily. Getting an optimal dose of Belbuca provides you with relief from chronic pain with minimal side effects.
Get to work with MAT Texas to learn how Belbuca can help you or a loved one manage chronic pain.
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