Buprenex is a prescription medicine. Its purpose is the treatment of pain that would be described as moderate to severe. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with other medications.
Most commonly Buprenex is utilized in the treatment of those suffering from opioid abuse disorders. Buprenex is a brand name for the drug buprenorphine.
_BUPRENEX IS ADMINISTERED THROUGH AN IMPLANT_, typically placed in the arm, which slowly releases the drug over six months. At the end of the six months, the patient can have a further implant or stop the treatment. Patients can, if they choose, continue to have implants indefinitely, should they so wish. They may also choose to switch to a combination of Buprenex and Naloxone. Others may choose to gradually reduce their intake of any opioids.
_WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS_ from discontinuing opioid drugs can be extremely unpleasant In an inpatient setting there are options for administering specific drugs to help with aspects of the withdrawal, aspects like anxiety, and nausea.
Should an individual decide to take other opioids while having the implant, the Buprenex will stop them from getting high from the other drugs. The Buprenex introduces what is effectively a ceiling.
If a patient has a dependency on opioids the Buprenex will only have a minimal effect in reducing cravings, although it will reduce some of the side effects of withdrawal from opioid drugs.
Withdrawal Symptoms
Withdrawal symptoms are one of the biggest reasons that addicts find it hard to quit. Research has shown that using Buprenex can assist with these withdrawal symptoms, which may include …
1. Perspiration
2. Increased sensitivity to pain
3. Insomnia
4. Anxiety
5. Feeling sick, vomiting
6. Stomach pains
Drugs like Buprenex are never going to stop someone from being an addict, the patient has to have therapy to try and tackle addictive behaviors in addition to the medical approach. However, Buprenex does play an important role in making the process of withdrawal less unpleasant and thus increasing chances of success.
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