C.P. Waggoner Park

After work, vacations and rest are what you need to make you feel better. Grand Prairie, Texas, has several parks which work very well for families to have fun. CP Waggoner Park, located in Grand Prairie, is one of the best parks to visit and have a good time.

CP Waggoner Park has a basketball field that accommodates all sports lovers. While having fun, you and your family are exercising, thus leading a healthy, happy life. Apart from this, the park has a seating capacity of up to 50 people with ample space. If you have a big family, you don’t have to worry about not fitting in the park since there is enough space for your friends and family.

Proper lighting in CP Waggoner Park, Grand Prairie, Texas, has greatly impacted the park, making it an attraction site. A properly lighted park feels safe for you and your family. The park looks more beautiful, and this makes children love it. CP Waggoner Park has a multi-purpose field. Sporting activities could be easily conducted in this park.

The roofed pavilions of CP Waggoner park make it easier for games and sporting activities. During summer, the pavilions protect you from the scorching sun, and during rainy seasons it protects you from the rain. Therefore, you can have fun with your friends or families not having to worry about changes in the weather.

Parking lots are very crucial when it comes to parks. CP Waggoner considered this and made sure that they build a parking lot to accommodate your car while you and your family are having fun in the park. It could have been stressful having to worry about where to park your vehicle.


Grand Prairie, Texas, has so many attraction sites. Parks like CP Waggoner are very nice and have been designed to fit your needs.

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