Epic Waters Indoor Water Park

No matter what time of year you visit Epic Waters Indoor Water Park, you’re bound to have plenty of fun as the park offers thrilling rides, family friendly rides and a wave pool.

A guide to visiting Epic Waters Indoor Water Park:

Consider booking a private cabana:

If you hire a private cabana for the day, not only will you get to lounge in a private cabana that seats up to 10 people but you’ll also be given complimentary food and drink.

Experience a free fall by conquering the Lasso Loop:

If you love thrills, step into the Lasso Loop’s launch capsule which features a trap door that will launch you straight down a free fall. Not only will you experience the rush of dropping straight down a free fall but you’ll also hurtle around a 360-degree loop. Just be warned this exciting slide isn’t for the faint of heart. Other exciting water slides include the Prairie Plunge, the TexasTwist and the E-Racers.

Ride the Aquanaut with a friend:

The Aquanaut is a family friend double inner tube ride which will send you screaming down a water slide which boasts sharp, high banking turns.

Try surfing on Flowrider:

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a complete novice, you’ll be able to test out your skills on the Flowrider. If you’re too scared to surf, don’t worry as you can choose to ride a body board on your stomach, instead.

Catch a few waves in the the Wavepool:

The Wavepool is opened during the warmer months of the year and is designed to mimic the gentle waves of the ocean. Even if you’re not interested in floating around in the Wavepool, you may want to recline on one of the sun loungers surrouding the pool.

It’s open all year round:

While some of the water park’s attractions such as the Wavepool are only open during certain months of the year, the waterpark itself is open all year round. As the park is primarily an indoor water park.

So if you’re looking forward to riding exciting water slides and testing out your surfing skills on Flowrider, it’s well worth planning a future trip to Epic Waters Indoor Water Park!


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