How Long Does Methadone Treatment Take?

How Long Does Methadone Treatment Take?

Drug addiction has been one of the most prominent issues in every corner of the world, including the misuse of prescribed medicines like opioids. According to Opioid Crisis Statistics of HHS, more than 10 million people abused the use of opioids alone in 2019. An opioid is a legal drug prescribed by doctors to treat patients with toothache, injuries, and even cancer. It’s the medicine that helps relieve pain, which is why doctors often use opioids in surgeries. However, this kind of drug can be addictive when the patients don’t follow the prescription properly. In addition, it can affect the brain of the taker, which can develop into addiction.


Opioid is safe and works perfectly fine in lowering the pain signals sent to your brain, making the pain manageable. However, when the pain relief drug is misused, there is a tendency to develop a strong urge to consume more opioids. This is because opioids have an impact on the brain that makes it rely on the drug, making the patients want more opioids in their bodies. So, if the patient can’t control himself from taking the medication, it’s one sign that he might be developing an addiction.

Any form of substance addiction can bring harmful effects to the body, behavior, and psychological state. In terms of opioid addiction, the possible side effects are slowed heart rate, abnormal breathing, depression, anxiety, and the worst-case scenario is losing consciousness. Additionally, taking too many opioids can even result in sudden death. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, every day, more than 90 Americans lose their lives due to opioid overdose.


Fortunately, like any drug addiction, there is a treatment to combat opioid addiction through taking methadone. It’s another type of medicine that helps in reducing the withdrawal effect of opioid addiction. It works by satisfying the cravings of the patients without actually getting them high. In addition, taking methadone will support the healing of your brain and restore its balance. However, some might ask if how long does methadone treatment takes?

The duration of the methadone treatment depends from person to person and their situation. However, the minimum length of the maintenance is usually six to 12 months, and sometimes it can take longer if the opioid addictive individuals still need the maintenance. Additionally, some individuals even keep taking methadone for a very long time if it benefits them.

Struggling to combat addiction is a challenging task to do. It takes patience, courage, and constant support from friends, families, and professionals. The methadone treatment is not easy for everyone, so appropriate centers and facilities offer support for struggling opioid addictive individuals.

In Texas, MAT is one of the trusted opioid addiction treatment centers to find support and care from professionals. You don’t have to do it alone because the people of MAT will provide you with the suitable treatment and the right place to come clean. If you’re ready to treat your opioid addiction, you can contact us to help you out.

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