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Is MAT Treatment Addictive?

MAT stands for Medication-Assisted Treatment. It is a process of treating substance use disorders using medications and behavioral therapies or counseling. There is nothing to worry about with MAT treatment as all the medicines involved in this medication is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. Moreover, MAT programs are designed according to the patient’s specific needs.

MAT therapy is an effective treatment to alleviate, prevent, or completely eliminate opioid overdose. Moreover, a combination of therapy and MAT medications is proven to help individuals overcome their medicine addiction.

MAT is initially designed to treat and prevent opioid addiction, including prescribed pain relievers, heroin, or anything that contain opiates. MAT treatment is a medication that works by blocking the euphoric effects of opioids and alcohol, normalizing brain chemistry and body functions, and alleviating physiological cravings.

MAT Therapy addictive

Is MAT Treatment Effective?

A 2018 report concluded that approximately two million individuals had opioid use disorder. These are people who take prescription pain medicines that contain a high amount of heroin and opiates.

MAT has been proven effective in significantly reducing patients’ cravings for detoxification services. MAT treatment offers comprehensive programs specifically tailored to provide proper behavioral therapy and medication to patients’ needs.

MAT programs aim to help inpatients fully recover from substance abuse. This includes their ability to live a more fulfilling and self-directed life. The following are the potential benefits of taking MAT treatment:

  • Avoid premature birth to pregnant women who have a previous substance use disorder diagnosis.
  • Help patients maintain and acquire employment without experiencing problems related to substance use disorder.
  • Minimize or entirely eliminate criminal activities and illegal opiate use among individuals with a previous case of substance use disorder.
  • Boost treatment retention
  • Enhance patient’s ability to survive

Many studies also claim that therapies and MAT medications are also associated with reducing the person’s susceptibility to acquiring hepatitis C or HIV.

Is MAT Addictive?

MAT treatment has proven to treat cases of a substance use disorder, specifically in opioid dependence. But, the primary concern of many is if MAT treatment is addictive.

If you are asking, Is MAT treatment addictive? The answer is no. Although using MAT treatment without close medical supervision can potentially lead to another addiction. That is why working with a medical professional is essential before taking a MAT treatment.

A properly executed MAT treatment and safer drugs can gradually minimize substance dependency and taper down medicine cravings. This can result in more positive outcomes and help the patient have a self-centered life.

Final Thoughts

MAT treatment is an effective medication used to treat individuals with substance use disorder or dependency. It works by alleviating physiological drug cravings and ensuring that the body will function normally without worrying about the possible euphoric effects of the substance.

If you know someone struggling with drug use dependency, it would be best to recommend them to consider MAT treatment. MAT Texas offers customizable MAT therapy, ensuring to meet the patient’s specific needs. Moreover, they also have professional therapists who will guide you throughout your MAT treatment journey.