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Medication-Assisted Treatment Vs. Abstinence: Which One is Right For Me?

Recovery is very complicated, and asking people how they’ve recovered from a specific illness or disease may elicit various responses. Some people get agitated whenever others ask about their conditions and how they overcame the said burden. The opioid epidemic explosion gives people societal awareness, especially regarding these drugs’ effects. Why are people confused about which one is right for them, medication-assisted treatment vs. abstinence? Read more about treatment options for opioid addiction.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment: What You Need To Know

Medication-assisted treatment or the MAT is a kind of medication intended to support individuals in substance use disorder treatment. It is primarily utilized concerning counseling and behavioral therapies, which are considered strong recovery proponents.

This treatment was used with three essential medications. These include methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. These are the three most potent medicines involved in medication-assisted treatment approved by the FDA.

Get To Know More About Abstinence

Abstinence is usually thrown around in treatment settings and recovery meetings. For example, you are addicted to food or have uncontrollable use of drugs, it means that you need to cut it out little by little from your system and habit. Some people define such a term as avoidance of mood-altering kinds of substances. It only means that you need to avoid altogether using any drugs. Some also describe the time as avoiding substances that may primarily cause intoxication.

This treatment effectively works since it is considered black and then white. It offers a straightforward format and simple features that make the entire process clear for people to follow. Some people promote such type of treatment for such reasons since it is straight. The only thing you need to always think of is to assure that you’re not going to put any drugs inside your body.

Medical-Assisted Treatment Or Abstinence: What To Choose?

It is a bit complicated to determine which among medical assisted treatment vs. abstinence is best for you as far as addiction is concerned. Some may benefit from the use of trial and error methods. It can be very tedious and frustrating, yet either of these two can be the best and perfect plans for medical health courses of action. It is always essential to determine what kind of treatment works for you. Some research suggests that the combination of the two will give you the sustained recovery you deserve.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to combine these two types of treatment now and then. You may still choose one of these two since it will give you the best medication results you need. Whether you choose to follow abstinence or medically assisted treatment, it is always best to seek medical support from professionals. By doing these, you are assured that you will be given the best treatment you will use. It is essential, especially to those new to this kind of treatment. So, which one is right for you? Both of these will perfectly work for you, depending on your medication needs.