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Methadone Clinic Arlington

As a methadone clinic we proudly provide medication-assisted treatment to the Arlington, Texas area. Our addiction treatment approach utilizing methadone is based on treating the whole patient. This means we combine medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and behavioral therapy together to help you overcome your substance abuse addiction, and build healthy habits. Give us a call today to learn more!

Our Arlington TX Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program

With their renowned Arlington Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program, the Methadone Clinic in Arlington TX wholly provides medication and assisted treatment services to individuals struggling with addictions to drugs such as Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Heroin. These opiate drug addictions were medically treated with FDA-approved medications that include Methadone and Suboxone.

Essentially, these methadone treatments are coupled with counseling and behavioral therapy to wholly treat patients who struggle with opiate addictions. Studies back up that MAT ensures long-term recovery and treatment for people facing addiction in their lives. What’s even impressionable with this treatment is that licensed nurses, therapists, and board physicians work collaboratively to supervise and carry out the MAT Program.

Types of Medications We Use

There are three types of medications we use at our Arlington Methadone Clinics. These medications are Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naloxone. Each of these medications serves a different purpose in medically treating individuals who suffered from addiction and opiod withdrawal symptoms.


Methadone medication is used for pain management. This helps individuals at our methadone clinic achieve long-term recovery and live a wholly active and meaningful life. Essentially, this medication is safe when taken as prescribed and can even reduce opioid cravings.


Buprenorphine medication serves a crucial role in opiod withdrawal symptoms and cravings. And, one of its pharmacological properties is that it increases a person’s safety in case an overdose transpires. Since this medication is safe and effective when taken as prescribed, this medication even lowers the potential of misuse to an individual.


Naloxone medication is FDA-approved to rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. Simply, this medication is branded as the “opioid antagonist” because it blocks and counteracts the effects of opioids such as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone. But, this opiod addiction treatment used by methadone clinics is only for the short-term period thus, it is critical to ensure a medical intervention after administering the Naloxone medication.

Service Fees

MAT Texas, a licensed treatment center, charges fees for some of its medical services administered, including methadone treatment, to individuals who suffered from opioid addictions. For the medication of Methadone, its intake or transfer is charge-free for those individuals who availed of the clinic’s services. Their daily fee for the liquid or disk formula of Methadone is charged for 12$. While the medication for Suboxone depends if you’re a first-time patient or you’re there for your follow-up checkups. For first-time Suboxone patients, the clinic charges 225$ for the first month of the medication. While for those who have their monthly follow-ups, the clinic charges 170$ which includes the transfer fees.

Ever since MAT Texas opened its doors to provide medication assisted treatment for people who face opioid addiction, the methadone clinic’s golden standard has set the benchmark standard for opiate addiction treatment services.

Currently, the methadone clinic in Arlington TX is accepting patients between Monday – Friday. If you’ve got any questions, clarifications, or queries on the clinic’s MAT Program and the types of medications they use, you can directly contact their main branch: (469) 460-7090.