Methadone Clinic Irving​
Methadone Clinic Irving​

Methadone Clinic Irving​

Here at Mat Texas we focus on the whole-person during treatment. That means that we FDA approved medications to help with opiate withdrawal symptoms combined with counseling and behavioral therapy. This treatment approach allows the patient to work on positive behavior changes while the medications help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and cravings. Give us a call today to see if our treatment is the right fit for you.


Opioids are most usually associated as a medicine used to treat acute pain, such as surgical pain. It is primarily derived from poppy plants, similar to fentanyl or morphine. By interacting with your cells, it functions as a pain reliever.

Opioids can be pretty helpful in treating acute pain, but they are not suggested for long-term or unprescribed use. Low amounts may make you tired, but taking bigger doses without a prescription can induce palpitations and death. Addiction may also result from doing so.

Opioid Addiction

When you do not take opioids as prescribed by your doctor, it can have several negative consequences for you. That is why individuals should always trust the process and their doctor because they are more knowledgeable. This is also true for opioid addiction.

Opioid addiction, unlike the aforementioned adverse effects, is caused by continual sensations of pleasure from taking the drug. It is tough to recover from this addiction, so people require specific facilities and a licensed treatment center with Irvine Methadone Clinics.

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Introducing MAT Texas: Methadone Clinic in Irving TX

MAT Texas is a specific treatment center based in Irving TX which offers medication assisted treatments for opioid addiction. The treatment center provides special assistance and medication to patients suffering from substance abuse and addiction through their advanced program and mental health services. We are well prepared to treat these addictions, whether they be oxycodone, fentanyl, oxycontin, or heroin.

As a Methadone treatment facility, we aim to provide an excellent opiate addiction treatment for anyone. We offer counsel, behavior therapy, and medication treatment. Our medication treatment helps with the symptoms of cravings and withdrawal. These advanced services can help every patient to make positive changes, promote mental health, and eventually overcome their addiction.

Our Medications for Opioid Addiction

So far, there are three available medication assisted treatments offered at our Methadone Clinic in Irving TX for interested patients. It is the methadone, buprenorphine, and naloxone treatment.

Methadone Medication

Methadone medication is perhaps the most appropriate treatment for most patients as the Food and Drug Administration approves it. The medication is highly effective in treating opioid disorders and even handling pain.

For anyone who wants to achieve a fast recovery and continue having meaningful lives, this is perfect for you. The medication had a long-lasting agonist that reduces the symptoms of addiction faster than others.

Buprenorphine Medication

Buprenorphine medication is another effective and safe medication offered by Methadone Clinics to treat opioid addiction. Unlike methadone, this treatment has unique properties that can lessen the case of opioid overdose and addiction. It is also safe to take since it is naturally mild. If used as prescribed, it can also diminish the cravings and withdrawal symptoms until the patient gets over it.

Naloxone Medication

The Naloxone Medication, like Methadone, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to reverse that addiction to opioids. Unlike the other two, this treatment indirectly treats the patient from addiction by changing and blocking the opioid.

This treatment is most commonly prescribed for patients with opioid overdose. It is also a shorter treatment because of medical advancement.

Lets beat opioid addiction together. Click the button to start your recovery journey today.