Mike Lewis Park

The Grand Prairie has some of the best parks around to do with health and fitness activities. One of the best parks you can visit is Mike Lewis Park, Texas, for its many recreational facilities. Other parks around the Grand Prairie include Lloyd Parks and Marina’s, Waggoner Park, Turner Park, which has a golf course, and the Traders Park.
Health and fitness is a thing to focus on, especially when there are very many lifestyle diseases in the present world. Recreation parks around the Grand Prairie, most especially Mike Lewis Park, have become attraction sites in the USA due to their focus on fitness. Some of the recreational activities in the parks include bowling, golf courses, gyms, and a serene environment where you can do your fitness activities such as morning runs.
Under the management of the Grand Prairie Department, the park aims at transforming the lifestyle of the people and creating a better lifestyle for them. It helps promote better health fitness with the ample space present in the Mike Lewis Park where you can work out or undertake any other recreation activities.
The park has also been properly maintained. With the government’s help and in conjunction with the citizens, there have been increased innovations that have helped make the parks in Grand Prairie better. If you are a tourist in Grand Prairie, consider Mike Lewis Park for your fitness recreation activities, and you will enjoy it.
The park also has recreation programs that one can enroll in. They include golf, gyms and other activities in the Grand Prairie, such as swimming and boat riding in the recreation facilities with lakes.
It is essential to focus on your lifestyle, and engaging in recreational activities is one way of making your lifestyle better. The parks in Grand Prairie have many activities, both outdoors and indoor events. If you are a lover of sport, consider the Grand Prairie, most especially Mike Lewis Park.
The staff at this facility are closely following pandemic protocols. They always wear masks. And when people crowd around and don’t do social distancing, they politely remind them about what is responsible to do.
Visitors enjoy their stay in the park, regardless if they went there for the horse races or not. It is very clean and Covid protocols are in place and enforced. Police visibility makes everyone feel secure.
If you are a music lover, especially of the jazz genre, there are Jazz concert series there that are regularly held. This week, it could be Kirk Whalum. Next week, it could be another artist.
If you are watching the horse races and you are seated at the box section, there is a great buffet going on there. There’s a salad bar, make your own pasta, veggies, chicken wings and a taco station. Excellent food.
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