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Opioid Alternatives​

Opioids can be extremely addictive yet they are still commonly prescribed. However, there are several alternatives to Opioids for pain management that may be considered instead.


The fine needles are inserted into the skin and stimulate nerves, which then send signals to the brain causing it to distribute “feel good” beta-endorphin hormones. Harvard Medical School confirms that over 29 different studies have shown ”acupuncture does provide pain relief.”


A licensed hypnotherapist will lead your mind into an extremely focused condition. Typically the therapist will commence with a hypnotic induction. This is followed by the therapist making suggestions that the patient is experiencing relaxation and feels comfortable. The patient is then coached on how to use a cue that will allow them to enter the same state of comfort as they experienced with the therapist.
Thirteen controlled studies have concluded that “hypnosis is very effective in tackling chronic pain.” In certain cases, the effect of one treatment reduced chronic pain for up to three months.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana contains hundreds of chemical compounds. The most studied element has been “THC”, which is the cannabinoid within marijuana. A reduction in pain and anxiety is produced when the THC binds to the receptors in the brain. However, it also provides the feeling of being “high” which makes it a controversial treatment.
Out of seven peer-reviewed studies that focused on the pain relief qualities of marijuana, six of them concluded that cannabis lowered chronic and neuropathic pain.


It cannot be denied that opioid painkillers can result in addiction, thereby placing both the user and family at risk of “prescription drug misuse” together with accidental overdose. With so many alternative treatments for chronic pain available, patients should be sure to consult with their medical practitioner about whether opioids are the best option, and that they understand all potential risks fully.
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