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What is a Methadone Clinic?

The growing problem of opioid addiction is one that has plagued the United States for years; however, in the past decade, it has entered epidemic proportions. Odds are, you know someone who has been impacted by opioid abuse. It can seem like a hopeless cause, trying to get help for yourself, or for a loved one battling addiction.

There is good news, though, even for those who have tried other methods to quit using opioids and failed. MAT, or Medication-Assisted Treatment with methadone, has proven to be a safe and successful way to detox from addiction and find the way back to sobriety. If you’re wondering – what is a methadone clinic? – read on for the facts you need.


Methadone is a controlled substance, an opioid agonist, that basically tricks the brain into thinking that is receiving a dose of opioids, without the dangerous highs and side effects. It prevents the painful withdrawal symptoms that so often pull people back into opioid use. Medication-Assisted Treatment is part of an overall treatment program and is administered in clinics such as our Grand Prairie methadone clinic.

What is a methadone clinic


Medication-Assisted Treatment is offered to treat the physical effects that users experience with the abrupt cessation of opiate use. These symptoms – such as shaking, sweating, nausea, and even seizures – are not only uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous. Methadone allows doctors to slowly eliminate the drugs from the system, by substituting a safe alternative. Of course, physical cravings for opiates are only part of the overall picture, and treatment also includes behavioral therapy and counseling, to assist the patient in creating new patterns of behavior that will reduce the chances of addiction relapse.


If you are a loved one is facing a problem with opioid attraction, we welcome your call. We make visiting with us simple and as stress-free as we can.

Opioid addiction is a serious problem, and it’s one that will not go away on its own. For many individuals who are battling attraction to these substances, medication-assisted therapy combined with a comprehensive behavioral management program provides the best chance for a return to living sober and free of addiction. If you, or your loved one, is struggling with opioids, don’t give up! We encourage you to call us today to set up an appointment to talk about how we can help. Visit our home page for more information, or feel free to call us with additional questions. We are here to help!